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  Sunday, August 9, 2020
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Selection Process

To apply on a job advertised by Al Hafiz Enterprises the candidate is required to register with Al Hafiz Enterprises CV Online or Offline Service. This registration is valid for one year and during this period the registered member can apply on any job matching his qualification and experience. The basic selection procedure by most of the employers remain the same and is explained as under: Application: The applicant may register with online CV data base or submit the Original personal history Form to Al Hafiz Enterprises by any Express/Normal mail services. The original Personal History Forms are retained /preserved at Al Hafiz Enterprises ???s Head office at Islamabad. The applications are computerized and published on Internet or News papers in their respective category. Application Filtering: The application filtering process will be done by our professionals. Documents provided by the candidate along with printed copy of computerized resume are scrutinized /examined to verify that applicant meets the basic criteria laid down by the employer. Employer Approval: Short listed candidates applications are organized in accordance with category job titles and sent to employer in original through reliable international courier service. The final scrutiny and short listing of applicants is done by the employer and Al Hafiz Enterprises is provided the list of candidates selected by employer Company for Interview. Trade Test & Interview: After above process dates of test and interview will be set with the coordination of employer, Al Hafiz Enterprises will make necessary arrangement for trade test and interview e.g. issuing call letter to selected candidates, reservation of Authorized Trade Test center(if required), etc.

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